To keep you up to date, the Ostomy Manitoba Association has put together a list of websites you might like. They cover everything from what supplies you need to how to keep healthy and happy. Just click on the links to learn more. We hope this helps!

Ostomy Canada Society sites

United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc. sites

The United Ostomy Association, Inc. ceased operations on September 30. 2005. They have reformed, with a different structure, under the name “United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc.”

Other UOAA Groups

Other Ostomy sites

ET nurse related sites

Ostomy Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Hollister Ltd., Canada, ostomy supply manufacturer. (Can. 1-800-263-7400)
  • BBraun of Canada, ostomy supply manufacturer.
  • Canada Care Medical, Ostomy products from the world’s leading manufacturers. (Can. 1-800-267-8855)
  • Coloplast Canada, ostomy supply manufacturer. (Can. 1-888-880-8605)
  • COS Medical, Inc., continent ostomy products and other medical supplies.
  • ConvaTec, a major ostomy supply manufacturer. (Can. 1-800-465-6302)
  • Cymed Ostomy Co., ostomy supply manufacturer. (U.S. 1-800-582-0707)
  • Dansac, ostomy supply manufacturer.
  • T.G. Eakin Ltd, ostomy seals, available through ConvaTec in Canada (Toll-Free Can. (1-877-437-1777)
  • Marlen, ostomy supply manufacturer. (US (216) 292-7060)
  • Nu-Hope, ostomy supply manufacturer. (Toll-Free Can. & USA 1-800-899-5017)
  • is an online venture launched by our company, Ontario Ostomy Supply Ltd. (Can. 1-800-387-5150)
  • Osto-EZ-Vent, an air release vent company, In Canada, Cooper Med. (Can. 1-800-567-2881) or Ontario Ostomy Supply Ltd. (Can. 1-800-387-5150)
  • Parthenon Company, (Devrom & DecKo), U.S. Mail and Online order company.

Crohn’s and Colitis related sites

Other Health related sites

Local Winnipeg Sites

Other Sites

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