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Ostomy Manitoba Association has moved forward in the financial and digital world. You’re asking yourself, what does that mean? OMA responded to the growing number of people who do not write cheques anymore, or even have cheques! So OMA now accepts Donations by E-Transfer!  E-Transfer to You must be very clear in your ‘message box’ to say what the transfer is for New Membership, Renewal Member, Stoma Anniversary, Camp Fund, Memorial Gift dedicated to whom?, or General Revenue. The second important part is that the Donor uses the following Question and Answer. This way the deposit can be accepted without issue. Your question should be: What is the first word of OMA? The answer is Ostomy. Upper case O, then lower case stomy. If you have questions or concerns about E-Transfers, please email me at

You can donate online through CanadaHelps by clicking here or by filling out the form below:

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