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We are now Ostomy Manitoba Association (OMA)

The Winnipeg Ostomy Association was a self-help group formed in 1972 to assist people with ostomy and related surgeries in Winnipeg and now has been renamed to the Ostomy Manitoba Association and continues to welcome members from all corners of the province. The Ostomy Manitoba Association is a non-profit registered charity run by volunteers with the support of medical advisors. Ostomy Manitoba Association governance, activities, and planning are done through member involvement.  Funds used to operate are generated by way of membership dues and charitable donations. The Ostomy Manitoba Association has a current membership of 200, while there are approximately 4,000 ostomates in Manitoba.

Ostomy Manitoba Association outreach begins with our visiting program, where trained, certified, members reach out to people who have had ostomy-related surgeries. The visits can be pre or post-operative or both. Visits are usually offered by ostomy nurses (NSWOC) while a patient is in hospital and recuperating. The Ostomy Manitoba Association provides a visitor who is chosen according to the patient’s age, gender, and type of surgery. The visitor provides information, shares experiences, and gives emotional support. There is no charge for this service.  Ostomy Manitoba Association Visitors have in the past visited nearly 100 people annually.

We also provide educational services; support the family unit; advocacy; and promote our services to the public and professional communities. Annual membership dues for the Ostomy Manitoba Association are currently $40.00 (Canadian).

Ostomy Manitoba Association members receive Inside Out, the chapter newsletter, and the benefit of meeting other people with ostomies and listening to ostomy-related presentations at our regular monthly meetings. Monthly meetings include presentations of information and products for ostomates. There are also special events to encourage the mingling of ostomates to share experiences.

The Ostomy Manitoba Association is a not-for-profit registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency and welcomes bequests and donations. Income tax receipts are issued for all charitable donations received.

The Ostomy Manitoba Association maintains a communication link with the Ostomy Canada Society but is no longer an Affiliated Chapter.

Executive, Committee and Medical Advisors

Executive, Committee and Medical Advisors
Board of Directors
PresidentLorrie Pismenny204-489-2731
Vice-PresidentRandy Hull204-794-4019
SecretaryClaudette Gagnon204-793-6506
Visiting CoordinatorBonnie Dyson204-669-5830
Newsletter EditorLorrie Pismenny204-489-2731
Membership ChairVACANT
Member-at-LargeRoss Bingham204-889-9554
Member-at-LargeDonna Suggitt204-694-7660
Member-at-LargeFred Algera204-654-0743
Member-at-LargeSandy Borys204-334-6868
Member-at-LargeMarg Pollock204-728-1421
Past PresidentRandy Hull204-794-4019
Social ConvenorsFem Ann & Fred Algera204-654-0743
Reception/HospitalityBonnie Dyson204 – 669-5830
Public RelationsRandy Hull204-794-4019
Membership ChairVacant
Library/TapesUrsula Kelemen204-338-3763
CardsDonna Suggitt204-694-7660
Newsletter MailingJan Dowswell
WebmasterPeter Folk1-306-384-6059
Visitor TrainingLorrie Pismenny204-489-2731
FOWC Supplies Pick UpOstomy Manitoba
Brandon/Westman Ostomy Support GroupMarg Pollock204-728-1421
Medical Advisors
NSWOCCarisa Lux RN, BN, NSWOC MOP204-938-5757
NSWOCTammy Landry BN, NSWOC MOP204-938-5757
NSWOCAngie Libbrecht, RN, NSWOC MOP204-938-5757
NSWOCJennifer Bourdeaud’hui, RN, BN, NSWOC STB204-237-2566
NSWOCRhonda Loeppky RN, BN, NSWOC STB204-237-2566
NSWOCTaryn Naherniak RN, BN, NSWOC STB204-237-2566
NSWOCBonita Yarjau, RN, BN, WOCC(C) HSC204-787-3537
NSWOCTina Rutledge, RN, BN, WOCC(C) HSC204-787-3537
NSWOCElaine Beyer, RN, BN, MSN, CAE,
NSWOCChelsey Lewis RN, NSWOC Brandon204-578-4205

Contact Us

WOA Contacts:

WOA’s voice mail Information Number – (204) 237-2022; The voice mail is checked often and gives the above contact phone numbers as well. Please leave a message.

Visitation Program – Bonnie Dyson 204-669-5830

Mailing Address

The Ostomy Manitoba Association
204 – 825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB. Canada R3A 1M5.

Email Ostomy Manitoba Association at info@ostomymanitoba.ca

In Case of Emergency

Emergency? Do You Need a NSWOC, Ostomy Supplies, or Contact Information on the Ostomy Manitoba Association? Here’s Where to Look!

In Case of Emergency

For Medical Emergencies: Go to your local hospital’s Emergency Room!

For Non-Urgent Ostomy-Related Medical Issues: Contact an NSWOC. (See below)

Find a NSWOC – a website where you can find a NSWOC anywhere in Canada

Manitoba Ostomy Program NSWOCs.

The Manitoba Ostomy Program Enterostomal Therapy (ET) Nurses:

845 Regent Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB
R2C 3A9

Contact phone numbers for Winnipeg MOP NSWOCs are:

  • Carisa Ewanyshyn RN, ET: 204-938-5758
  • Rhonda Loeppky RN, ET: 204-938-5758

Brandon, R.H.C. MOP NSWOC

  • Chelsey Lewis RN, NSWOC, 204-578-4205

Winnipeg Hospital-Based NSWOCs.

Contact phone numbers for Winnipeg Hospital Based NSWOCs are:

  • Angie Libbrecht, RN, ET – St. Boniface Hospital 204-237-2566
  • Jennifer Bourdeaud’hui, RN, ET – St. Boniface Hospital 204-237-2566
  • Bonita Yarjau, RN, ET – H.S.C. 204-787-3537
  • Elaine Beyer, RN, ET – H.S.C. 204-787-3537
  • Tina Rutledge, RN, ET – H.S.C. 204-787-3537

Need Ostomy Supplies in Manitoba?

Ostomy supplies are distributed through the Manitoba Ostomy Program in Manitoba. This is a part of the Provincial Government’s Department of Health.

At the present time, for Manitoba residents, the Provincial Government pays for Ostomy Supplies.

Ostomy Supplies are distributed on the recommendation of a NSWOC. If you are not currently supplied by the Manitoba Ostomy Program or would like a consultation on your ostomy supply needs, please contact either your E.T. nurse or one of the Manitoba Ostomy Program NSWOCs.

To order supplies, please contact:

Health Sciences Center (HSC) Materials Handling
59 Pearl St., Winnipeg, MB
204-926-6080 or 1-877-477-4773
E-Mail: ossupplies@wrha.mb.ca
Hours of operation are: Monday to Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M (Except Holidays)
Pick-up: Monday to Friday 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M

Supplies not covered by Manitoba Ostomy Program and Provincial Medicare are available in Winnipeg, outside of the Manitoba Ostomy Program, from Medical Supply Outlets and selected Pharmacies.

Ostomy Manitoba Association Contact Information

For Information on The Ostomy Manitoba Association including:

  • Meeting times and cancellations
  • Arranging a visitor
  • Other non-medical ostomy issues

Please contact: Lorrie Pismenny – at 204-489-2731 – Email: info@ostomymanitoba.ca

Or, call the Ostomy Manitoba Association Voice Mail Number 204-237-2022.
The voicemail is checked daily and gives other contact phone numbers as well. Please leave a message.

Bequests and Donations

  • Have You thought of Making a Donation to the WOA?

Did you know that:

  • the WOA is a registered not for profit organization?
  • donations of $10.00 or more to the Ostomy Manitoba Association receive an income tax receipt?
  • there are tax savings advantages when bequeathing a donation in your will to a registered organization like The Ostomy Manitoba Association?
  • the Ostomy Manitoba Association relies on your membership dues for our day to day operations?
  • our newsletter, the visiting program, and other WOA functions all rely on the support from your membership dues?
  • there would be no Manitoba Ostomy Program if the Ostomy Manitoba Association had not asked for it and later lobbied hard to maintain it?
  • that the Manitoba Ostomy Program is unique and looked on with envy in other provinces. It combines low ostomy equipment prices with professional E.T. nursing care?
  • the Ostomy Manitoba Association works hard on behalf of Manitoba ostomates and pledges to continue its efforts in the future?
  • donations can be made by cheque. Please mark cheques “donation”, and make them out to the “Ostomy Manitoba Association” and mail to:

The Ostomy Manitoba Association
204 – 825 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB. Canada R3A 1M5.

The Ostomy Manitoba Association will greatly appreciate your support!


A printable Donation Form is available by clicking here.

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